About Us
Alliance is a family office that makes direct private equity investments
in undervalued and distressed small to mid-size companies.

We invariably acquire controlling equity stake or take board control in case of minority investment. Our industry agnostic approach allows Alliance to think creatively and allow each opportunity to guide our investment structure and duration absent the constraints imposed by traditional private equity funds. We never commit to an investment without at least six months of due diligence and our typical investment horizon is 18 to 24 months and exit through sale or IPO.

Alliance is led by experience private equity professionals with decades of experience in management and corporate finance. Our team has a record of success over numerous economic cycles in a variety of industries including manufacturing, consumer products, technology, healthcare, digital media, natural resources, real estate and business services. Our seasoned skills are a valuable asset to management teams and business owners when unforeseen challenges and new opportunities arise.

Alliance's success relies upon the strength of the partnership we form with business owners and their customers. We are value-added investors dedicated to accelerating growth and increasing value. Our extensive network of industry, institutional contacts and high net worth individuals is an important resource to management teams who are looking for a fresh perspective or sharing of best practices. We also work closely with the management team to formulate winning strategies, pursue strategic acquisitions, and maintain an appropriate capital structure.

Investment Criteria
We prefer companies with platform and disruptive technologies, fragmented markets ripe for consolidation, undervalued and underutilized assets and large addressable market.

Transaction Types
Acquisition of control, recapitalizations, growth equity and strategic plug acquisitions for existing portfolio companies.

Transaction Size
Companies with minimum $2 million in revenue run rate with expected compounded annual growth rate of 25% post transaction.

Company Characteristics

  •     Ø Platform and disruptive technology
  •     Ø Multiple avenues for growth
  •     Ø Strong market position
  •     Ø Strong sales and marketing
  •     Ø Customer and supplier diversity
  •     Ø Industry momentum
  •     Ø Steeply undervalued natural resource assets

Management Teams
Track record of success and alignment of long term interest with Alliance and its investment partners.

Industry Preference
We consider ourselves generalists but have a demonstrated track record of success in the following:

  •     Ø Hardware and Software
  •     Ø Consumer Products
  •     Ø Healthcare
  •     Ø Digital media
  •     Ø Business Services
  •     Ø Natural resources
  •     Ø Consumer cyclicals

    In addition to our network of investors, Alliance has also built a global network of companies that can become strategic partners to strengthen the companies that we invest in. We pride in facilitating strategic partnerships with global companies with proven track records of success.